ABOUT / Artist Statement

Above Photo: © 2015 Brian McMillen

Artist Statement

After decades of formal music composition study and improvisational performance since January 1988 when I recorded my first solo recording on piano with Friday Night Music at Dragon Studios in Redwood City, California. I believe that you are the note(s) within music composition and those you select to compose/perform music with you, either live on stage or in the recording studio.

I have composed in the traditional/classical Western sense with written black/white notes on paper and still enjoy sketching in that form, from time to time though I currently lean more towards improvisational composition/performance as I feel you are closer to the creation spirit of arts in the audio spectrum, listening while using the known musical vocabulary balanced with architectural spaces in resonance.

Has performed and/or recorded with

  • Wadada Leo Smith
  • Pamela Z
  • Eddie Gale
  • Kidd Jordan
  • Doug Ellington
  • Timothy Orr
  • Patrick Cress
  • Sean Price

Active Sonic Projects

Has studied with (incomplete list)

  • Susie Allen (performance, improvisation)
  • Mark Anderson (sound engineering)
  • John Baffa (sound engineering)
  • John Bergamo (rhythm, improvisation)
  • Muruga Booker (rhythm, performance)
  • Donald Bradburn (choreography, dance history)
  • Tom Carr (sound engineering)
  • Paul Davies (composition)
  • Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (composition, performance)
  • Sam Durant (visual construction)
  • Doug Ellington (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • Eddie Gale (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • Vinny Golia (orchestration, performance, business)
  • James Gurley (performance)
  • Arthur “Art” Jarvinen (composition, performance arts)
  • David Johnson (rhythm, composition)
  • cEvin Key (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • Eddie Kramer (sound engineering)
  • Alfred Ladzekpo (rhythm)
  • Christyne Lawson (choreography, performance, collaboration)
  • Marc Lowenstein (composition, conduction)
  • Stephen “Lucky” Mosko (composition, music history)
  • Michael Pisaro (composition)
  • Vicki Ray (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • Robert Rich (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • David Rosenboom (composition, performance)
  • Daniel Rothman (composition, performance arts)
  • Barry Schrader (composition, electronics)
  • Morton Subotnick (composition, electronics, collaboration)
  • Wadada Leo Smith (composition, performance, improvisation)
  • James Tenney (composition)
  • Mark Trayle (composition, performance, improvisation)