In Your Ear Radio | Live Global Broadcast

A live improvised radio mixtape, of sorts that all makes sense by the end of the show. In Your Ear Radio with David Bug has been on-air since OCT 4, 2001 on KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford University*.

Perhaps Featuring: Robert Rich, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, R.E.M., David Leikam, Laurie Anderson, John Coltrane, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Skinny Puppy, Diamanda Galás, Björk, Frank Zappa, X-TG, Lou Reed, Metallica, Bing Crosby, Allman Brothers Band, Alan Hovhaness, Godflesh, Thelonious Monk, Andy Warhol, and more!

*NOTE: 1999-2001 previously known as The Gospel of Sound / The Principles of Audio on KCIA, California Institute of the Arts.