San Francisco-based creative arts composer, designer, improviser, producer, and bandleader of the industrial jazz unit zBug.

Musicians Union Local Six

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"David Leikam | zBug uses Clayton USA custom picks on his electric bass-cello for the perfect action and feel while giving a full tone."

John Baffa - sound engineer (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Peter L. Buranzon - photographer
Greg Cutler - road crew
Bill Leikam - manager

20110115 zBug at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco
2011-01-15: David Leikam, Sheila Bosco, Fred Maalouf | zBug at Meridian Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
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2012-04-16: "Your band was super [20120415] -- I really enjoyed zBug." - Lena Strayhorn, artist-performer

2012-04-16: "David Leikam and zBug split our minds open [2012-04-15 Godwaffle]." - Benjamin Ethan Tinker, composer-performer

2012-03-30: "This part is creepy [20110803 zBug]. Very good!" - Extian Koru (Budapest, Hungary)

2012-03-29: "I was really impressed with the talent of this amazing duo [zBug]!" - Mr. Marvin, NHM Recordings

2012-03-23: "Awesome music!" - Katerina Rhodou, Marketing Manager at Minoan Music

2012-03-16: "Fantastic travel into the Universe ... Great [music]!" - Hyls (Budapest, Hungary)

2011-04-10: "You have a good sense of rhythm." - Carey Dubbert, Autoharpist/Hammered Dulcimer

2011-02-26: "Good Moog set David, thanks!" - Scott Rich, Make Sense Productions/SouthBay Electronic Muzik Fest Promoter

2010-12-07: "I thought zBug sounded great." - Nathaniel Udell, Senior Sales and Product Engineer/j2 Global Communications/Chair at Chelsea Cultural Council

2010-11-24: "... this is some pretty kick ass shit!" - Brian Ray Stearns, Singer/Songwriter/The Eves/The Valens

2010-10-10: "Great set [zBug] yesterday!" - Clinton Patterson, Trumpeter/Composer/PremaSoul

2010-10-09: "You guys [zBug] sound very similar to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio!" - John Baffa, Sound Engineer/Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio

2010-06-10: "Friggin' awesome tonight. Just what I needed [zBug]. I came this close to blowing it off and going home. Glad I didn't!" - Bill Cuevas, KZSU 90.1FM Music Director/DJ

2010-05-26: "diG your music. Eclectic ain't the word. Film noir multiverse ethnic blade runner desert world. Love it." - Nivek Ogre, ohGr/Skinny Puppy

2010-05-18: "... you guys [zBug] sounded great. Good to see you out rockin' the house." - Phillip Greenlief, Woodwinds/Composer

2009-07-12: "Fantastic. The drums were so driving, your bass was incredible, and your Moog effing GNARLY. Looking forward to next time!" - Andrew Reichart, Creative Writer

2009-02-09: "Great sounds! Wild & cinematic, amazingly eerie. Nice to find you ..." - Paloma of HyperCrash™

2008-12-28: "Will always remember the destroying of a piano completely on stage at CalArts." - CalArts Bob, Pop Icon

2008-10-18: "... what a joy to find your musick. Very, very nice. It put my head on right." - Ariel Nuit, Creative Artist

2008-09-07: "David, Your music is very good!!! Records, sound, composition, perfect!!!" - Eren Eroglu, Jazz Drummer

2007-10-03: “You’re a master on the Moog!” - Zachary Morris, Jazz Drummer/Gabby La La

2007-09-22: "Fuckin' Awesome live show with z_Bug. Amazingly Good!" - Soy Ricardo, KZSU 90.1FM Radio DJ

2007-05-16: "Your music reminds me of me. I'm very weird and mystical and creative with a twist." - Ellina Talian, Visual Artist/Photographer

2007-06-21: ”The whole performance [Tippo] comes across as very tightly controlled, but there's freedom within the discipline. I would push back on any attempt to pigeonhole this group in the free jazz vein, as it's light years ahead of those perspectives.” - James D. Armstrong, Jr., Jazz/Classical Pianist Composer

2007-05-10: "... there's incredible psychedelic synthesizer space music going on in the next room courteously of z_Bug (2 synths. and drums)." - Matt Davignon, Sound Artist

1997-07-14: "... an instigator of innovation." - Howard Karp, Composer/Producer/RIT Instructor at Musicians Institute

1992-03-15: "You have a good natural sense for melodic composition." - Dr. Paul Davies, Composer/Pianist/Professor of Music

1988-01-08: "Your piano playing sounds a lot like Keith Jarrett." - Harry Lane Coleman, Creativer Arts Improviser/Friday Night Music (SFBA, 1979-1990)


2011-01-09 - MUSIC

'Drifting Moon Peaks'

"Drifting Moon Peaks" by zBug is the group's latest industrial jazz composition in five movements. The San Francisco jazz group draws inspiration from John Coltrane, cEvin Key, Cecil Taylor and Throbbing Gristle, with ambient psychedelic elements akin to Robert Rich and Pink Floyd. The group includes two drummers, Moog synthesizer, electric bass, modular synthesizer, acoustic piano and electro-beats. $5-$10. 8 p.m. Sat. Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell St., San Francisco. (415) 398-7229,

This article appeared on page Q - 10 of the San Francisco Chronicle
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2010 Album Review: Passings of A Window Sil [2009 Release] - Turkmenistani State Radio, KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford University
"Killer, structured psychedelic free Noise jazz from a legend around these parts. Odd twisting strings, samples, electronics, and tight percussion concocted into a delightful suppository to be used liberally. For fans of great radio."

1. Atmospheres and sonic hallucination with great percussion. Starts with moaning bending engine tone and belly dancer bell twinkling and some panting animal that would bite you. Tones and vague samples bending in and out, menacing gurgles and motors give way to sonic laser beams dueling with drums.
2. Wasteland future jazz noir. Tense warped strings over swanky rim shot and hi-hat work. Oh yeah.
3. Disoriented plucked thing and vague breathing/speaking noises. I feel lost, dizzy, and awake too long on sleeping pills wandering through this soundscape.
4. Upbeat, starts with some killer drumming, and gives way to a squeak solo. This one really grooves, and fries my neurons. Somewhere in this groove, a cop siren busts it up, and the violin smokes crack. "Whoa-hoa... What a trip that was!?"
5. Stacked, menacing, tense noise structure. Play this one at the disco!
6. Beings with slurp, static, and cymbals then progresses to give my teeth a filling with power electronics. The structure and jazz elements reveal themselves halfway through the song and the slurpy tone carries an extraterrestrial melody to the end as the drums dissolve.

2010 Album Review: 3, 2, 1 ... Live, 2007.09.20 At 22:00 [2007 Release] - Red West, KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford University
"Noise ensemble led by our own illustrious David Leikam, acoustic percussion improvisation, electronics, and hard-to-qualify [industrial jazz] synthesizer.

1. Low Theremin-like buzz, squeaky metal, harsh warbles. Gets pretty intense. Radio-friendly length.
2. Fast drumming, dark. Gets melodic in a NY art-metal way by the end.
3. Begins quietly with jangling keys, brushed drums. Then the drums get hit squarely ... bursty and jittery staccato sounds.

2009-08-29: z_Bug at the 2009 Transbay Skronkathon Festival - Amar Chaudhary, CatSynth
We switched from ambient electronic music to skronking … with an improvisational set by zBug with David Leikam, Zachary Morris, Sheila Bosco and Craig Latta. There were lots of fast … hard hitting notes, with the bass acting as a third drum. (zBug has two drum sets in the group.) David … played his Moog synth. Although the set was loud at times, there was really a good range with sudden drops in volume where one could hear bells and chimes. I liked the sudden switch during the performance to a steady disco beat.

2009-08-25: z_Bug at the Flux 53 Theater in Oakland, CA - Bill Leikam, International Jazz Journalist,
"An Intimate Evening with z_Bug" filled Oakland's Flux 53 Theater with eloquent textures of sound, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes sonorous as though rising from the depths of a volcano and sometimes teetering just on the edge of silent space.

z_Bug, creator of this edgy group, took up his analog Moog synthesizer and electric bass along with Zachary Morris on drums and percussion, Sean Price on modular synthesizer and laptop, and Craig Latta on infrared Theremins and laptop. z_Bug is an up and coming sonic unit in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's important to understand that this style of music is far more a journey into textural sound than what one would ordinarily expect when the word music is being used. I've always thought of it as sound-sculpture.
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